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I'm 29 years old and never been in a relationship. I know thats weird for someone my age. When i turned 25 and got psychosis for the first time I got put off relationships. I didn't think anyone would want me after that. I didn't want to burden anything with my problems. But things change and I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life.


I had a psychotic episode about 4.5 years ago. I did go off my meds and I had some symptoms but they weren't psychosis. I thought it was better to get back on them to prevent it from turning into a psychotic episode, my worst fear. My GP took me off my meds btw I didn't do it alone.



I saw a guy last week (through a family friend) but I didn't really think he liked me. The fact that I drink probably put him off. Wasn't too happy that I invited him to a pub. I drink at least 2 times a year and I don't think that should be a problem. But obviously our culture doesn't permit drink so many don't approve.


Anyway, i'm meeting another guy tomorrow and I am scared to death. Will he accept me with schiz, schizoaffective, bipolar or whatever. Whens the right time to tell someone? Because I don't want to leave it too late. What if I end up liking him and he won't accept me with this? I would be a depressed mess.

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TBH I haven't had many problems with dating with psychiatric problems including psychosis and severe depressive episodes. I think how they react is in part due to how you frame the situation. Your illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you portray it as such they are likely to look on it negatively. This is especially pertinent if you no longer have symptoms that impair your daily functioning.

"I am Swiilio, I like dogs, music, and spending time with my friends. BTW I also have a history of psychosis but it's not been too much of an issue since I found the right meds"

Definitely don't mention it straight away, because then it seems like a major thing or something you are obsessed with. A subtle way of doing it is to visibly take your meds, as he will probably ask what they are for.

Best of luck with your date tomorrow :)

Last but not least, if he would write someone off purely on the basis of psych issues he probably isn't the kind of person who would be nice to date anyway.

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I'm kind of in the same boat as you Pearly. Same age too. I also got psychosis at 25, which is such bad timing btw! I had a few short relationships (probably mania involved).  I think you are doing much better than me if you can meet up for a date! My negative symptoms are so bad, i can barely crack a smile at the moment and I might space out a bit - not very flattering. Let us know how it goes (hopefully well) - gives me some hope at least lol. 


I agree, don't mention it on the first date. If I do mention SZA, I like to phrase it "a type of bipolar disorder". So it doesn't freak people out.

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