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My Dad keeps talking about survivalist stuff, and I'm scared

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I think your father sounds over the top. Remember Y2K? All those people with a 1000 cans of tuna fish are still eating tuna.


We're prepared for blizzards (we used to be prepared for earthquakes), but that is for 72-96 hours. That is what they suggest, and that is what we did. We're pretty sure Salt Lake City will be able to withstand a blizzard, and civilization will remain intact, though.


Even if the country *were* to collapse, he makes it sound like it would turn into Somalia. It isn't going to happen, although that is not to say nothing bad will ever happen. But we have a lot of levels of government, even if the federal government "fell." And how are terrorists going to do that exactly? Does he think the entire federal government is in DC? Because it's not.


His over-generalized obsessing seems pretty paranoid. Not that he seems as if he would be willing to seek help.


I'm trying to think of a nice way of telling him to stop. Maybe something like, you are glad he is preparing for any scenario, but talking about it stresses you out, and isn't good for you mental health?


But if he can't be considerate of your fears, I don't actually see why you should be considerate of his.

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I think it's really tough to be around someone who thinks this way.  Would it be possible to investigate a group housing situation, or a subsidized apartment of your own?  I have no idea if you are on Disability or what your situation is.  Do you have any friends that might possibly be your roommates?


I don't think for a second that the country is going to descend into chaos, and I can tell you that all the wood stoves in the world aren't going to help him.  Without electricity he will have no refrigeration.  Is he going to go out and shoot game so your family can eat? 


Tell him that this kind of catastrophic thinking is very bad for your mental health.   The wood smoke is a disaster for someone with asthma.  Also, avoid him as much as possible.  Stay in your room.  If he starts to talk about the end of the world, tell him that you can't deal with that subject and leave the room.  Do it often enough and maybe he'll get the message.



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While I don't want you to encourage him?

Just because I'm kind of academically interested in DIY and ecologically friendly solutions to things, he ought to look into what's called a rocket stove-they use much less fuel and combust at far higher temps.

This produces way less nastiness as far as smoke and ash, as well as much more heat MUCH more efficiently.


Too, passive solar heaters can be made from aluminum cans, if your house has southern exposure.


...If the house itself leaks air, THAT needs to be fixed.  



As a fellow asthma person, I am right with you.

I can't survive long periods of social collapse. I breathe better with air conditioning all the time.

At one point I tried to stockpile meds, but for various reasons I'm not able to do that ATM. 

If the situation changes I will resume that practice, I'd like to have a 90 day reserve.  If we had a class 5 hurricane hit here or other extreme weather event, that would be REALLY useful.


Being all militant about surviving the collapse of society only makes sense if you really WANT to survive the collapse of society.

 I don't really relish the idea of living on when 80 or 90% of everyone else is croaking due to lack of food, water, and/or basic sanitation.

...Plus the individualists are less likely to survive than those who choose to live and work in groups.  We evolved as a tribal species, and we survive better as a tribal species.


Anyway, make a plan for getting out from having to live there, and yeah, like the others said, try to get away from him every time he cranks up.  The operative word being crank.

Sympathies extended.

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Not for nothing, living off the grid and being totally self sufficient, solar energy, farming, hunting and basic firearm skills are tool you may find useful in the future.  Don't listen to everything the guy says, make points to him what you see wrong with his argument of the nwo. But take note of things, like how to build a fire and hook up power. These are attributes the common man is loosing. Preppers   do tend to go a little overboard but they do have some good info. 

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