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I was inpatient 2 days ago and was put on Depakote ER 1000mg from being on 1350mg of Lithium. I have already noticed a difference in my mood. The suicidal thoughts are gone. I had been having suicidal thoughts for 3 months straight. Every night I had a plan laid out and Sunday night I gave in and OD'. I am concerned because my new pdoc (old pdoc moved) is concerned that having PCOS and Depakote is not good. I have high testosterone too. Are female problems exasperated by Depakote? I don't want to get taken off this med for my physical problems. I see a new endocrinologist Tuesday, I am hoping they don't recommend me getting off this med. Also, did you notice an early change in mood with Depakote?



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When I was on this med awhile back I did not have any problems hormonally that I know of (I don't have PCOS though). 


I did not notice a change in mood right away.  I remember the first day I took it I felt drugged out of my mind ... very very sleepy and tired.  But it didn't do much for my mood that I remember.  I wasn't on it for long from what I remember because it wasn't working for me other than keeping me sedated.


I'm really glad it works for you though.

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I'm glad it is helping you. It actually made me more depressed and I wanted to eat anything that wasn't nailed down while I was taking it. For these reasons, I only lasted a month on it. It helps a ton of people though.


I'm pretty sure that if it is a drug that you need to be on, the endo will find a way to work around it.

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I've been on depakote for a few months now and I live it. You know, I'm not fantastic but I do feel LOADS better than what I was. The first week I was on it I was super sleepy but after that first week I feel like I was starting to feel a shift in my mood. Before I was on it all I was taking was effexor and i was really, really manic.I was jumping out of my skin, hardly sleeping, constantly moving, think restless Legg syndrome times about a million. I was doing crazy stuff etc. The depakote calmed me down so, so much.

Only bad thing though is weight gain. I've always been naturally thin and that's how I like it. But I weighed myself last night and I've gained 10 pounds in the last 2 months. This is something that I am really struggling with right now.

Edit: I meant to say...I really hope that you have success with this one. I know how shitty it is to have to change meds yet again, lol.

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