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I think my mom may have bp...


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I had my first appointment with a pdoc on Wednesday. After an hour he said that what I was describing sounded like a form of bipolar (bp2). As he asked about my family medical history, I started talking about my mom and he asked what she's like. I hesitated...and told him about her unpredictable mood swings. He said it sounded like she may also have some form of bp, from what I described. 


I told my mom about this, and she asked what I thought. I was partially afraid of a possible blow up... but I said I agreed with what the pdoc said and that even if she didn't have bp she probably has some sort of hormonal/chemical imbalance. She took it really well and asked my advice as to who she should go to in order to talk to a professional about it-- pcp or go directly to pdoc?


Part of me doesn't want to waste her time (long story short, my stepdad is dying and she's taking care of him), so I think that going to the pcp may take longer for her to get treatment. But can you just *go* to a pdoc without seeing a pcp first? 

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It depends on your insurance.  I have medicare/medicaid and I do not need a referral for anyone.  But all the private insurance companies (AFAIK) require pre-authorizations.  Unless she went to one and paid out-of-pocket.  I don't think you need a referral to do that.

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