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Parnate + Cold + Allergies

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It's allergy season! You'll see from my sig that I take several meds to combat this.

They don't seem to be working very well. Or I have a cold. Both are possible.

Normally I'd do a few days of neti pot + sudafed and be okay. My understanding is sudafed is a no go with Parnate.

How do I handle this? I'm waking in the night because I can't breathe even with my head raised. What can I do to get all the snot out of all my sinuses? Neti only does some of the front ones, sorta.

My old gdoc left. Her replacement is scared of Parnate. I don't know how useful she would be.

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How about this stuff called "Ocean Saline Nasal Spray" ... you squirt it up your nose and then blow everything out.  It works for me most of the time.  It doesn't get rid of sinus pain, but it does clear your sinuses.  And my DR said I can use as much as I needed to at a time. 


I got it at CVS,  the CVS brand saline nasal spray.  He had given me the brand name one to try.

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