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Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing ok.


I have a question regarding experiencing joy in your life after having experienced lack of pleasure or anhedonia for those that have experienced it. Does life seem different to you, even you have regained pleasure in activities again? For 2 weeks, I was really riding a high because I regained my interest in reading and doing things. However, this week, I am having a realization that I am not as absorbed in my life as I used to be, maybe because I am shocked that life can actually suck that much? I don't know. Anyway I guess I'm just looking to hear if anyone has experienced this and what their experience has been.


Thanks in advance for reading :) 

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I have suffered from anhedonia for years. Abilify has helped me overcome it to a certain extent. Since being on Abilify, I've gotten a new hobby that I enjoy a lot, and I have been losing myself in it. It feels great to have an interest in life again. However, I am still not 100%. I remember how I used to be, and yes, sometimes I wish I could get it all back. But I'm not complaining because I know how bad it was just a couple of years ago. I know how my life was before anhedonia, but I also know how bad the anhedonia was. I am grateful for my life as it is now. It could be a lot worse.

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