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copy/paste text and links

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for some reason  I am unable to copy paste anything into forum posts, and haven't been able to do it for a while



I am not sure what I am doing wrong


I use the hyperlink option and it doesn't work - then it won't let me exit out of the hyperlink box   and I have to go back a page


I tried copy paste text   right click didn't work - none of the clipboard buttons worked



please help me figure out what is going wrong before I toss my computer out the window



have I been banned from copy/paste



uhhhh I dunno  

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Consensus seems to be that "copy/paste function is always a user-side issue"... that is... something going on at your end.


Suggested fix is to reboot your computer and to clear the "cache" on your browser. Depending on what browser you are using this process will look slightly different.

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OK, should be fixed now.


IE is perverse.

And a magnet for hackers who want to zombify your machine.  I hate loath am disgusted with IE.  How does Microsoft keep getting away selling such stuff? 

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