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Lyrica (Pregabalin) for 'Brain Issues'?

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So I did a brain mapping and it turns out my brain is all over the place. Not just because of bipolar - in fact, a lot of the bipolar is attributed to the mis-wiring of my brain. Same with anxiety and such. My psychologist who did the QEEG read the conclusions that the Neurologist (one of the top guys in the USA) had mentioned, and its #1 recommendation was pregabalin. 


My psychiatrist couldn't really pin down a specific reason for the drug, so he wrote down 'anxiety' (which is true, I suffer a lot from anxiety and 1x daily 2mg of clon/klon and 2mg PRN Ativan/Lor just doesn't help anymore). But the problems were not specific except that the frontal cortex is 'locked in' making the differnt parts of my brain unable to communicate with each other, and the sides of my brain above the ear were 'blue' meaning they were firing too fast when they should be firing slowly. This is the cause of my psychosocial disfunction. I get confused and anxious in situations where there is a lot of people and I don't know where to go or what to do and am socially inhibited to the point of just standing there doing nothing.

It also explains problems I'm having with my mate -- problems connecting to other people. 


I also have emotional problems that have nothing to do with the physiology of my brain..


Anyway, the psychiatrist wrote a script and said since pregabalin/lyrica isn't FDA approved for anxiety in the USA (just in Europe) The insurance company would kick it back to him with a denial and he'd have to appeal and show a copy of the neurologist's report, etc. I took the prescription in at 10:15 and they called and said it was ready around 11. Holy cow that was fast.


He's starting me on 50mg, and I haven't made an appt yet to see when he's going to bump me up. He wanted my body to adjust to this first.


Anyway, sooo.. sorry for the novel I just wrote but i wanted to explain the background for my reason for taking this medication.


Yes there is a question in here : Have any of you taken pregabalin/lyrica for reasons other than fibromyalgia/pain/RA/etc? Its not prescribed for anxiety in the uSA, anyone from the USA take it for anxiety? If so how did you get your insurance to cover it? I have no idea how mine did but it was right away.


I do have bad anxiety (GAD) and benzos aren't working anymore. I built a tolerance and now they don't do anything. So I hope this works for anxiety but I also want it help my 'brain problems' (it was unspecific what diagnosis this was, other than they confirmed bipolar and randmoly enough, a concussion I'd received when I was 13 years old...).


Also what kind of pain does it help? I have Spondylosis which causes spinal stenosis every once in a blue moon (compression of nerves in the cervical region). Would it help that?


Thanks for reading!! I understand if I see a tl/dr.





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