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Hi Everyone,

Well who am I....That is a very good question!! I am a 48 year old mom of one, from Canada, transplanted to England 7 years ago to marry my soul mate, yadda yadda blah blah. I was diagnosed back in 2005 as Bipolar Type 2, anxiety disorder, OCD and very very depressed. I was put on meds that saved my life, and made me able to actually live and do the things I needed to. Now, over here in England, its a whole new world and a really back woods way of treating the mentally ill. Here I suffer Bipolar Type 3, and treatment resistant depression. Thats all folks!! I am in the process of taking myself off of Quetiapine, well in the deep dark recesses of withdrawal I should say. And the last medication, my favorite of all time, Lithium.


Im learning, maybe Im not sick anymore, maybe I dont need these pills to make me feel better. Maybe my brain has decided to kick in once again and start processing things properlly. Or maybe it is that I no longer care and just want a better life. One of not panicking when I leave my house overnight, that I have forgotten my meds and have checked for the 99th time. (If I check 100 then its just not ok!!) I will be forever on medications thanks to the psych meds ruining my thyroid, but I can live with that.


So there you have it, Im a bit weird, but then Im a bit normal too....Looking forward to getting to know you!!



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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I'm sorry your current medical team is taking you off medications that were working for you.  I guess they have their reasons, but it is difficult for me to understand.


I hope you like hanging out with us.  Don't be afraid to contact a staff person if you have any questions.



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Hi Olga, they are taking me off of Quetiapine because I requested it. I was put no a med that I hit rock bottom with in no time, and Im now in a position where something has to be done. Im tired of this half life, this sort of here sort of not. My pdoc put me on Trazodoone and I almost took my own life. I had nowhere to turn and when 111 hung up on me, I knew something had to give. I guess it gave me a renewed lease on life. So I am going off this now and I am hoping hoping I can either stay on just the lithium or go off it too. Hope that helps.....

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