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Hi *Waves*

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Sorry I don't have a cooler title, I'm really shy and awkward about all this. 
I use to have a fair bit to do with boards a while back before I had any face to face support, its probably one of the biggest things that got me through. A friend from tumblr recommended checking out this place so here I am.


Anyways, about me.
I am 22 and from Australia. Am studying OT (Occupational Therapy) part time. Most of the time I'm pretty happy with that newer decision, sometimes I feel like it's not good enough. Never sure what to say when people ask what do I enjoy doing. Does being online count? I guess I like art & craft. I do a lot of it. It's satisfying.

I've been unwell for a very long time for my age, I've been in 'treatment' for 5 years. Couldn't get help until I knew they wouldn't tell my mum everything. Been in hospital I'd say 11 times within about 2 & 1/2 years, but last admission was almost 2 years ago. Current diagnonsins are depression, the dreaded BPD and PTSD although dysthymia has been chucked around as well as anxiety being a big factor. No medication has helped, well not a lot at all has help but I've tried Pristiq, Zolfoft, Lexapro, Fluoxitine and currently Mirtazapine, at least that helps the insomnia.

Self harm, suicidal 'idealisation' and previously eating problems have all been a part of my struggles.
I live in supported accommodation for young people with mental health issues. It's okay, but I would like to move out. Problem is I can't afford to live anywhere else. Going back to my mums house is dangerous for my mental health but it may be the only option.

Currently looking for work. It's difficult coz on good days I feel like I can pick up a little bit but on bad days I feel like I'll never be able to. Pretty hopeless about the whole thing a lot of the time, feel like I've been fighting for a long time to get no where.
Sorry for the downer. But I do want to feel like a 'normal' person, being able to function and all that.

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Welcome to CrazyBoards - I'm very glad you found us.  I'm sorry you are struggling at the moment and hope you find support on the forums here.  Please feel free to look around and post whenever you're comfortable.  You're also welcome to contact one of the mods or admins if you need help with anything.



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Remnants, welcome to our happy home.  You sound like you have some good goals in life, even though you may feel a bit aimless at times.  Being an Occupational Therapist is a terrific goal. You should be proud of the fact that you want to help people get on with their lives after an injury or surgery.


I'm glad you came here and I hope you enjoy getting to know some of our members.



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Hi Remnants! You're not being a downer, you're being real.


I wish I had the courage to share my stuff. I am not there yet.


I am new, too. My experience so far is that the people on these boards are very supportive. May you find the same.

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