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I have been titrating up on Seroquel, not sure how high I am going, I see,the pdoc weekly for adjustments.

Anyway, I was warned of drowsiness as a side effect and told to take it at night. Initially it did aide in sleeping. But now at a higher dose, I am very wide awake and can only sleep if I take klonopin.

Anyone else find that Seroquel made sleeping difficult?

I could also be moving into a hypo state and not on the correct dose yet. My mood stabilization has not been consistent. But I always have been a good sleeper.

Any insight is appreciatated.

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Seroquel is generally known for becoming less sedating with higher doses for many (not all) people, and it's frequently prescribed as a sleep aid at low doses. I'm not sure I've heard of it actually being stimulating at higher levels though, but perhaps other people will have input on that.  I personally can't sleep unless I take 600mg of the XR and 125mg of the IR in the late afternoon/evening.


This really belongs on the antipsychotic board, so I'm going to move it there.

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When I was on Seroquel xr 400mg I was sedated and in order for me to be able to get up in a reasonably functioning state I had to take it no later than 7:30pm, otherwise I'd feel like a zombie. I am now on 800mg and don't experience any sedation at all. In fact I had to take a sleeping tablet for quite a while. Now I sleep well most nights

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