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Lexapro inhibiting dopamine

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I know what you are talking about, but I think the effect is weak. Basically, it is regulating dopamine indirectly by regulating serotonin. I honestly don't think you can explain the difference in caffeine activation by this. I think that caffeine also affects norepinephrine and not just dopamine. I don't even know how much or to what extent caffeine affects dopamine.

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Yes it probably weak so perhaps it's something else. How could you explain the lack of activation from caffeine in this regard?  Then again someone once mentioned that there add medication was no longer working due to the lexapro dopamine inhibition so who knows how severely it affects dopamine.


The only other explanation I can think of is the emotional dulling, flat lining effects of lexapro are causing me to not not utilize the caffeine activation as much. That being said Lexapro is helping with my severe depression. I could either add an activating med like wellbutrin or abilify or switch to zoloft which I had good experiences with in the past. 



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