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Hi, im new (is this how you do this?)

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Hi, my name is Ceicbot driven from the fact that i feel like a robot most of the time and my name -Ceicbot


Um, i havent really been diagnosed with anything yet because i just called a psychiatrist an hour ago..but my previous therapist on my campus diagnosed me with Situational PTSD (i add the situation because i am not a veteran so jic)

but my cutting, anxiety and depression has gotten worse day by day. 


Im looking for a place online because thats currently where i live and the outside world is leaving me feeling more and more empty. 

I hope to make friends here with like minded people who dont just tell me that "my depression is a chemical unbalance in my brain" which i understand but i just want someone who will sit with me (virtually included) while we work out its evil evil symptoms. 


Im super nice and also shy (in IRL) so i hope to be just a great friend back to you



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