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I have played this game. I have played it a long time. I alternate between drinking and vicodin. Never at the same time. I trick myself into thinking that I am not addicted to the vicodin cus I can go a week. But I drink that week. Then I tell myself I am gonna get sober, and I take the vicodin.

Then I don't care. Not sure how to get off of both. I keep waiting for the meds to kick in then I can quit, but maybe the using is what is the problem. Just don't have it in me to stop.

Don't know why I posted this, except just don't want to be alone on this ride anymore.

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BP and substance abuse are good bedfellows. I find it impossible to stop when having a episode, unless it's mild. And even then it's like pulling teeth. When your MI is under control, I think you'll find it a lot easier to quit.

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All docs know, first was getting off benzo's, that is complete. Next I need to tackle this issue. I think I agree with you Flash and will really make an effort once I am a bit more stable, I still see my pdoc weekly and am honest with him about my behaviors.

When I get tired enough I will change, need a crutch at the moment.

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