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having conversations with myself and others...

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I had a question about some symptoms I was having in the past, I have conversations with my self and other people that are real but not actually near me normally quite a bit of distance away. So they are real people just are not actually in the room or on the phone. My wife has caught me a few times and I just play it off. I don't see these people I'm having conversations with but normally the conversations I have is me just talking to them practicing what  I'm going to say to them if I ever see them again. But it feels so real.


Don't know if this is normal or part of Bipolar.

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That can happen with bipolar, if you're in an episode and get psychotic. I'm thinking that those are psychotic symptoms, but I can't diagnose. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type) and on the right medications, symptoms I had like that are gone. Do you have a pdoc? This is something to discuss with them. Or a tdoc, but a pdoc is the better option. It's hard trying to hide psychotic and other symptoms from others, and the struggle can end with proper medication. It's better to get treated sooner than later, and definitely something to discuss with a pdoc. 


It doesn't sound all bipolar to me, but I don't know you or your situation, I can't diagnose you, but a proper doctor and treatment team can help with things like that. Are you currently taking any medication?

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