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I don't know about all of the technical stuff so I am just going to tell you my opinion from personal experience. Please don't take any of this as any sort of advice in lieu of an actual medical opinion though.


I'm now 25. I have been on and off of medication since I was 15 so, 10 years. I've had a lot of different anti depressants, I've tried an antipsychotic and am currently on effexor, Depakote and buspirone. I've had substance abuse problems in my late teens and was committed for two weeks at 15 because I overdosed. I've also been to the hospital multiple times in the middle of the night because of a breakdown or to get stitches but not in a while.

I can honestly say that if I was not medicated right now then I would be inpatient. I have been on and off of medication for ten years now and after all of the ups and downs I have made the personal decision that to stay on medication permanently is the best thing for me personally. Not everyone feels the same though. But that's where everyone is different. And I've tried other things, I've tried therapy with multiple different professionals and, while helpful to a point, it has never been enough. I tried self medicating with various substances, which obviously didn't work, lol. I've also tried to just 'snap out of it and make myself be normal'. That clearly didn't work either.

Eventually decided that continuing medication is what works for me. There are other things that I do to try and help myself as well but no matter what I do its just never enough to alleviate the pain or the mania. Medication gives me breathing room and a bit of relief I guess. I have thought about adverse side effects with long term use but to me the benefits of the medication out weigh the possibility of any negative side effects or outcomes.

This is a very personal thing and just really depends what you're comfortable with. And, again, I'm not going to tell you what I think you should as I am not a doctor and you should seek advice from a health professional regarding medications and treatment etc.

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25 maybe the classic cut-off, but your brain is already screwed up. You have no clue how it might, or if it will, develop normally. Unfortunately, you have to deal with the hand dealt you, not with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approved model.


Why are you concerned about throwing off you "mental chemistry?" You admittedly already have unbalanced mental chemistry, you need it tweaked.


You really need to sit down and think about this, because you have wound yourself up too much, and are creating make believe concerns. You aren't dropping acid, you're taking medication.


For all you know, medical intervention is healing your brain, and bringing it more in line with normal. Some meds are neuro-protective.


Medications are not crutches, and it is pretty offensive to imply they are. I had a lot of trouble reading past that sentence because I was so put off. Please think before you post. Is chemo a crutch? Is insulin a crutch? Come. On.

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