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How long would it take for Prazosin to work? + Remeron/clonidine Question

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I  was just wondering how much Prazosin is needed to have any therapeutic effect, and how long it might take to notice such effects. I just started the Prazosin, at its lowest dose, 1mg, last night. It's an adrenaline blocker and supposedly helps with nightmares, disrupted sleep and overall PTSD symptoms during the day. But my sleep was very disrupted and I woke up hypervigilant as usual. The only thing I felt was a little light headed when I first woke up and congestion in my sinuses from vasodilation there. In addition to my Panic disorder w. agora, OCD, and paranoia, I now have PTSD and am dependent on benzodiazepines. I've reached tolerance to the benzos so I'm going to be tapering off those, but in the meantime, I really need some help. I also suffer from migraines and am concerned it would make those worse.


I'd rather be on clonidine a few times per day but have been hesitant to ask my pdoc about it because there is some kind of contraindication between it and Remeron which I am also on. I was on clonidine for a few months back in 2003 at age 16 for RLS, and I was on Remeron then, too. So I guess that's another question... can Remeron and Clonidine be taken tigether despite the warning? I'm 27, F, and my BP and heart rate runs on the higher side of normal. :



Remeron soltab 30mg once at night
Diazepam 8mg (4mg am & pm)
...just started Prazosin 1mg at bedtime. Wondering if it will have any effect at all. I still woke several times and had my usual PTSD symptoms all day including paranoia, hyperarousal, hypervigilance,  flashbacks and anxiety.

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I noticed an effect within the first few days - maybe 4-5 days.  But I did have to bump the dose.  I don't think I noticed much effect before 3-4 mg, and I eventually ended up on 7.5 mg before I got real symptom control.  Been steady on that dose for about a year and a half now.


The congestion was a big issue for me.  My GP gave me Nasonex and it helps a LOT with that.

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