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Fatass bipolar

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Yeah. Married, 40 year old mother to 4 of the most awesome kids on the planet. I also am bipolar. I'm on lamotrigine, citalopram, and ziprasidone. I hate the meds, but they make me a semi-sane mother - so I stay on them. I'm also a whale. I have a really unhealthy relationship with food, and I am working through that. I started exercising again and I always feel more in control when I do. Next step - quit smoking. Anyway - that's me. I'm new here. Be gentle. 

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Welcome!  I am a whale too and I also have the mood issues.  

I quit smoking September 30th of this year.  I highly recommend cold turkey if you can do it!  Actually any kind of quitting or even titrating is good.  :)

I keep a blog here called "Adventures in Overeating, etc" where I rant and rave about my unhealthy relationship with food.  Keeping a blog about my diet and such seems to help me out in the long run.  Maybe you could also use the blog feature here on CB's.

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Hello you a bipolar so quit the fucking pills I felt so good nothing happens to me. Come to worship the God lord he will do anything for you.

This is unhelpful and incorrect.  Please don't tell our members to go off their medications, and stop telling us that God will take care of us.  Keep it up and you'll be suspended.



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