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I have had every OCD under the sun.  Harming thoughts, hypochondriasis, conversion disorder, etc.  But damned if I cannot get rid of my suicidal ideations.  I think about suicide 24/7 and its very exhausting.  To treat my OCD I am taking Luvox 200 mg, Geodon 160 mg, Tramadol ER 400 mg and Riluzole 200 mg.  My suicidal ideations remain unaffected.  There seems to me nothing left to try.  My doctor has suggested DBS (deep brain stimulation) and I am considering it.  Does anyone here have any experience with it?



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Are you doing any kind of psychotherapy in conjunction with your pharmacotherapy?


I have gotten an enormous benefit from mindfulness based stress reduction/mindfulness based cognitive therapy to help me learn to identify ruminations/obsessive thoughts and stop engaging with them.

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Yes I have a 10 year experience in DBS against OCD - I am from Germany and the surgery took place in 2004. Nowadays I am about 70 % plus X OCD free - nothing comapered to the situation before. I have created an own website about my story and an interview with one of the leading Surgeons here in Germany and many more infomation abut how it works. I have translated my own story and the interview into English - and under the point " Studien über die THS " - " Studies about OCD " you will find a link to some studies in English. There is additional a Site Patient s Experience and Quotes in Englsih. Just use the Menue and you will find it. The other Sites are in German, but the videos ther might give you some information how it technical works. The adress is: http://www.tiefehirnstimulation.info/ I hope, it is allowed to post links on this Site. You can get also in contact with me using the Site " Kontakt " I don ´t know in which country this Site is located and where you are from - so I cant give you an advice wher you should ask for the DBS. Best Wishes and keep your head up ! Nasdaq

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It's interesting, nasdaq... some of the research coming out from neuropsychology these days focuses on creating new connections in different brain pathways called "neural plasticity"... the idea that the brain can rewire itself even in adulthood.


I wonder if DBS is a physically caused process similar to the thought induced processes of mindful awareness practices and running repeated small experiments to create different learning experiences.

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Maybe  that the brain can rewire itself by awareness prctices - maybe also OCD itself is a " wrong rewiring " process itself.


For me, it is just an addititonal chance for people, who have tried out everything ( this is a requirement here in Germany for DBS that notthing else of kind of therapies and medication works ) as you can read in the interview and  at the " A bout Me " - Site.


On the other hand there was on the symposium of the German Society for OCD akind of compromise, that one build a " bridge  " between the meanings of psycholgists an neurosurgeons, meaning that DBS does in electrical way what according  to the serotonine hypothesis - the lack of neurotransmitters the brain can t do anymore.


Sometimes it seems to me a kind of " political " compromise between two parties - our psychiatrists here are very hesitating accepting the studies.


So what is really important ?


DBS works in promising perecentage - not in all - of cases - where anything other didn ´t work.


And thats what counts.



Best Regards




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