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Hello again

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I used to post on this site several years ago, but have been absent. Let me share briefly about why I am back.


I first went to a pdoc 5 years ago, and received a bipolar dx, and was on just about every med intended to treat that illness at one point or another. Sometimes I felt like I was getting better, other times I didn't. Long story short, 2 years ago I had a breakdown and quit taking all my meds and stopped seeing my pdoc. Basically I felt like, "If I can feel this bad on all this medication, why am I taking it in the first place?" Shortly after, I went to a new pdoc to get a second opinion. His opinion was that I had no mental illness, and that I just needed to "find myself."


Well, I've been trying to "find myself" for 2 years now and, suffice it to say, all I've found is that there's definitely something screwy in my brain. Whether it's bipolar or something else, that's for a professional to say. I can't hold a job or handle any kind of school. I can get through life when there's absolutely nothing on my plate, but as soon as I try to tackle any kind of responsibility, my brain goes haywire. It feels like my moods are on a radio dial set to scan, and I have no way of stopping it. I finally decided to see someone about this again and set up an appointment for next week. I feel like there has to be a happy medium between being overmedicated and not at all, right? Anyways, I am very glad this community is still around.



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Hi, Tarquin.  Your name is familiar to me, but it doesn't matter if we remember each other or not---you are very welcome here.


Sounds like a rough ride on the medication merry-go-round.  I hope some of our members can share insights and information that might be helpful to you


Welcome back.  We always leave the light on. :)



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