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Prednisone - Calm/Disoriented?

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I was put on prednisone and at first I felt very light and fluffy (rather than the stereotypical angry) at 50mg and now as I titrate downwards I just feel a little jittery and disoriented - but still quite calm. 


Have any of you ADHD-ers experienced heavy calmness from Prednisone? 


Just curious.

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I can't say I have (never taken it), but I do recall a warning from a doc that Benadryl could make me, as I'm ADHD, agitated.. and it does so for her husband to a large extent.


As Benadryl is a sedative and Prednisone is activating, it's not impossible that it could also have an opposite reaction in those with ADHD. 


I'm afraid I don't have anything more concrete. Hopefully someone knows the chemistry and can give you more information.


I have a feeling it's not unusual though.

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