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Another state hospital friend committed suicide

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I just found out that another dear person I knew from the state hospital committed suicide. That makes 2 this year. Plus my little brother died too from diabetes.

I can't stop crying. I'm so sad and upset. It seems like everyone is dying. It makes me wonder what my fate is while terribly missing the people who have died this year.

RIP Gen. You were a good friend snd person. She spent her life in the state hospital. Very sad.

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Cheese, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.


One of the times I was inpatient I became friendly with another girl. She was discharged from hospital despite persisting that she was suicidal.


She said it several times and the pdoc knew.


She killed herself the very day she was discharged. I was very upset and angry with the pdoc for discharging her and upset that I had lost a friend.


I feel your pain.


Take good care of yourself especially at this tough time

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