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Adderall / What is usual dosage?

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What is the usual dosage?  I just started it for ADHD.  I've had bad luck with Ritalin and Stratera.  They both made me freak out for no reasons at all.  So, we are trying Adderall before we go to Wellbutrin.  

I started at 5mg in the am.  Then I was pushed up to 10 mg in the morning.  Does it just last 4 hours in the morning?  So, if I take it at 7:30, it only really is in my system until 11:30 or 12?  Should I ask my therapist if I can also take 5 mg or 10 mg at 1pm? 

Thanks for any help!  


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I assume you take instant release? Yes, the medication should last about 4 hours. No need to be super obsessive about times... just 7 am and noon. That should be reasonable. Or whenever you remember. Adderall is not a medication you *have* to take.

And the average dose is 20-30mg a day. The max dose for children is 30mg - but there is no "max dose" for adults. I take 40mg a day and 10mg in the afternoon if I have a long day. It's very rare to see people take more than 60mg a day.

Also, tolerance doesn't seem to build up unless you abuse it.

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I started taking Adderall yesterday (15mg IR 2x a day) and, for me personally, it seems to last about 3 hours before it starts wearing off. I will likely be going to the doctor again next week to tell him about this because at the current dose I am in a comedown state while I am still at school. You should talk to your therapist if your medication is not lasting long enough and work with him/her from there. Hope this helps!

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it varies.  Some people do great on 10-30 mg per day others need 60 or more to help.  I was on 90 mg per day (30 mg 3 times/day) and it was worthless.  I take Dexedrine and my insurance was the reason to switch but then they complained about my "high dose" and I said that sending me back to dexedrine would be the best remedy.  Vyvanse, Ritalin, Focalin and Desoxyn were no good for my hyperactivity.  Dexedrine seems to help me the most.


I know some on lower doses and know some on 120 mg per day and they need the XR doses twice a day.   One persons 10 mg could be another's 90+mg per day.  I am not big either and I know a short tiny girl who takes 60 mg of Adderall XR twice a day and a big dude that is on one 5 mg XR and they both do great.

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