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For about the last ten months I have been waking with injuries that I did not have before i went to sleep.  It doesn't happen every day, but like 2 or 3 times a month.


They are often long (6+ inches) deep scratches or impact lacerations that I suspect are from blunt force.  These scratches bleed enough to get scars as do the other "impact" injuries. These injuries are in diverse places and I am unable to account for them based on possible sleep-walking "furniture locations" and such.


I keep my fingernails trimmed close enough that scratching myself is not possible.  I don't work, so coming home with a silly man injury from turning wrenches all day and not knowing how is out.  I dont have a cat, but I do have a giant dog, and, honestly, if he were involved I would wake up.  He's 100 pounds after all!



My question is this:  Does anyone else experience this?




I am worried that I am having "sleep-psychosis" or that all this is a result of thought insertion or thought broadcasting.

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