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Ok, here goes:


I've been having severe dizzy spells over the past month or so. One i know to be from a migraine type headache as it was consistent with others that I've had in the past, but it was more severe than usual so I'm including a mention of it here. Today I had a really bad dizzy spell. I had to leave class with the support of a friend because I was so dizzy I couldn't stand or take the stairs properly. 


Now here's the beef...I've been drinking a lot and way more than normal lately. I haven't been able to drink/get drunk socially for a long time, and I think I've been letting it out too much. I'm also friends with a lot of guys here and culturally binge drinking is a thing with young guys (china, severely strong local hard liquor). I can hold it without getting crazy drunk because I am super hardcore. I also don't have to worry about anyone taking advantage of me cause these guys are like my brothers and they look out for me. Anyway, I've been drinking once a week which is way more than normal.


Could this irresponsible behavior be fucking up my meds and making me dizzy? Sometimes it does lead to me taking my meds super late because I will only take them when sober. I'm willing to way cut down because falling over when sober is way shitty. I'm just worried that I might have something more serious going on and I would need to go to the local neurology hospital (sweet to have one in walking distance). If it's just meds it would be a relief.


PS: I have no pdoc here because I'm 8000 miles away from home and I have no idea how to find one that can work with my language barrier. I can get around but I can't have a really sophisticated discussion about meds. Anyway, my pdoc back home is totally useless and I'm only seeing her as a stopgap while I wait for someone better to have an opening. 

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I'm on 200mg of Lamictal, and two glasses of wine makes me a bit giddy; once upon a time it probably took one or two bottles... The upside is I'm a cheap date, and my husband always has a sober driver.

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It sounds odd to me since it's only once a week.  My advice, take your Lithium and Lamictal drunk or not.  Save the prn Klonopin for when you're not drunk.


There shouldn't be any interaction between the mood stabilizers and alcohol, and as long as you take them at the same time each day -- it doesn't matter when you take them.  You can take them at 11am after you get sober after a night of drinking and before you drink again.  It doesn't matter.


Look up the Klonopin PI half-life and see if that's your issue.  If you don't know how, I can help you.  Just PM me.  (If memory serves, it takes an hour to kick in and sticks around for ~12 hrs)  We can rule that out.


I'm also assuming you're smart enough to not still be drunk and taking the stairs with concern.


Skipping your meds can definitely make you dizzy.  So lets not skip them and see what happens, ok?  Drunkeness doesn't last long, you can work around it - take your main meds on schedule, and see if there's still an issue.

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