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anyone else get a higher body temp when not doing well mentally?

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Or the opposite, not doing well mentally when they have a higher core body temp?

I notice that both happen. Some days I wake up a little hot and basically I know that that day will be crap or my concentration just fails. Other times I'm doing just fine and then get stressed or panicked or depressed or whatever and I feel hotter for the rest of the day.

I don't know what it is. I'm medically healthy. MRI, EEG, labs and everything aside from an s-t abnormality on my EKG came back normal. Even allergy test came back okay.

This just really bugs me. I mean I'm not sick unless this cold comes on and off randomly. Now I worry about valley fever but afraid docs will think I'm a hypochondriac if I go to them for yet another reason.

Anyone else?

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I have the opposite (note that I have never actually taken my temp). As soon as my MI issues kick in for the worse I feel cold. Unless I'm about to have a panic attack in which case I get a quick spike and feel flushed and hot until it passes, then back to cold.

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