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Seeing Treatment Center Staff Outside of Treatment?

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I don't know where this goes so do what you must


So apparently one of the staff from a treatment center I went to over a year ago is now a teacher at my school. Don't worry about that HIPAA stuff, he said he wouldn't say anything(even though I don't really care).


I saw him in the hall on my way to 3rd period and I froze when I saw him. He said Hello David and I was just shocked I thought I was gunna be taken back to treatment for a second lol.. He congratulated me on graduating early and said he told the other staff and that they were proud of me even though I don't know how he knew that. I don't know how to feel. I feel like he's bringing a part of my past with him but I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Of course I've improved but is this a sign? Like do I need to talk to him? I'm so confused.


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Personally, I'd just go with the flow ... you've only seen him one time so it seems benign to me, but if I were to see him over and over (and he talked to me over and over) it would bother me (other than a 'hi' here and there).  And even if I thought he might want to talk to me again (as a therapist or whomever you saw him as), I wouldn't talk to him, I'd find someone else.

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I'm pretty okay with talking to him though. I just don't want to creep HIM out by talking to him. that's all.


I think that if he initiates the "hi" and you reply back "hi" IMO, I don't think he would feel creeped out because he is the one who started the conversation. 


If you approached him and wanted to talk to him, I still don't think he'd feel creeped out because he knows you, but he might just prefer you speak to someone not in that environment (as a therapist or whomever).  But that is just a guess. 


You know him best, and like Wooster said you could talk about the boundaries you/he want to have if you need to.

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