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Trying to be more social *waves*

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Hi everyone,


Just joined up here after lurking for a while in an attempt to be social. I don't have a diagnosis yet, but I think bipolar of some sort. I had a year long high from 2012-2013, that then turned into months of depression with a few highs thrown in, which then turned into days or each, which then turned into a month of what I think would be described as psychosis, although I think I am just able to experience things that "normal" people can't, for many reasons I won't go into. 

Anyway, that is up to now and I have completely isolated myself as a result and don't even leave the house anymore. I choose the blue pill please.



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Welcome to Crazyboards---I'm glad that you signed up.


I would ask the same question Mia asked:  have you been to see a doctor?  I have no idea what your diagnosis might be, but I do know that Mentally Interesting people don't get stable without some form of treatment.


I hope you like hanging out here.



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