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Don't think this is the right place to put this, but I don't know where else. So here goes.

Taken a nose dive into depression in the past couple of days. My concerned housemate asked if I'd ever looked at this site, lifeiswaiting.com. He'd seen the TV ad. I told him I had when the ad first came out, that it's just a marketing tool of GlaxoSmithKline, it requires registration before they let you know anything, and that since I'm familar with all of GSK's meds (and have taken most of them) I couldn't see the point.

Well, long story short, I let my housemate's blatthering on about how even if it is a marketing tool it doesn't mean it might not be helpful, etc., get to me and I registered on the site. Low and behold, it is for Paxil CR. Big surprise. Whoop-dee-doo. It does have several online tools for charting moods, exercise, etc., but as we all know, we can get these elsewhere. And since I don't much want to further this online relationship with GSK, I'm ending my participation -- can hardly wait to see what emails, mail, etc., they blast me with.  ;)  

If anyone does take Paxil CR (or plans on taking it), they do have a coupon for one FREE 30-day prescription of Paxil CR. In that case, might be worth f***ing with this site.

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