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too in love?

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I've been with my boyfriend now for almost 5 years and we live together. 3-4 months ago we had a fight and he said he wanted a break.. This has never happened before, we would always fight but then things were back to normal the next day. We are currently back together but it did take a few days of convincing and begging to take me back.. But I'm still very hurt, I have had bfs before but this is the first time being in love and this guy means the world to me.. But it just doesn't feel the same no more, I doubt what he says like he doesn't love me or care about me, I don't trust him anymore. He just doesn't understand that he broke my heart by what seems like he dumped me so easily like I'm a piece of shit or something when I have done everything for him and gave him all of me which is very difficult for me. Now he has more friends and will actually go out more without which up until this year he rarely did anything without me and didn't want to go without me but now he doesn't care if I go or not.. I cannot stand it and everyday I have so much anxiety like I'm worried about what he's going to do, what if his friends and better and he leaves me? I'm crazy and don't want to push him away so bad that we break up.. I need help

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It sounds like you needn't worry about pushing him away, he already has pulled away. Look at what you have written.


Are you diagnosed with an anxiety disorder? This is a first person site for mentally ill people. If you do suffer from some form of anxiety, of course you are welcome. But if you are not, this is not an appropriate site for this kind of post.

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Maybe he just needs to distance himself and have some time out. That's not a bad thing. Just be patient and try to talk to him. It doesn't have to be negative. I assume you have some kind of brain cooties or you wouldn't be here. It can be really hard on the people we love. Sometimes I need to remind myself of how it feels for them.

Five years is a long time.

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