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kids in therapy

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I thought it would be nice to have a topic about our children in therapy. I know many members have kids in therapy.


My 15 year old girl is walking to the therapist's office now. I texted the therapist and called to confirm. No answer.

I am really hoping that the therapist did not call me back because she only wants contact with my girl.

That must be it.


Do I ask her how therapy went when she comes home or wait for her to share?


I am excited and happy for my girl. I am distressed about her pain. 



oh shit. she's calling. 

wasn't sure she was in the right place.

I 'walked' in the door with her.

I asked her if she was in the waiting room. 

"I don know.."

"If there is a chair it is the waiting room, if there is no chair, it is not the waiting room"

"okay, bye." she hung up.


Sounds good!

The door was open.

my girl is inside.

A whole world awaits her now.

I am nervous and stressed and anxious and happy and very relieved.


Edited an hour later.

She just got home, very happy and calm.

I could tell she did not want to talk about it at all.

that is good! neither do I. big sigh....

Edited by water

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Reporting back in:


I dragged her to therapy today. She changed schools and we had to change the day and time. She was VERY reluctant but went.


My daughter however, came skipping into the car with a smile when I picked her up.

Don't be fooled, she did manage to crash my mood by the time we got home 5 seconds later. This was also the very first time I had to drive her and pick her up. We have to stick to this time because there is no other. Next week I will take her but have her walk home. It is just so close and the timing is awful when she is done. THere is no where for me to wait except right in front of a business run by a friend who knows nothing about this. No parking, rush hour traffic. Very awkward pickup.


Nevertheless, I am THRILLED.


My kid has successfully started therapy with a great therapist.

This means her first experience has been good.

That is so important.

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