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hello all

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Well thank god i,ve finally found a sight i can be myself,well here goes and it,s gonna be a long list.I,ve suffered with dp and anxiety for all my life nearly and am on ciprolex 20mg,s at mo,but am waiting to see a pdoc when my gp gets her arse in to gear and sends my files.My symptons in various degrees of severity are




vivid dreams

hearing and seeing things sometimes

racing thought



irratability,so don,t wind me up lol


switching off

and living in my own world

a bit of a loner

find people to stressfull or annoy me

turning pertential friends away for fear of being hurt

numb or dead feelings

and the list goes on,as you see i,m a total nut,or i think i am most of the time,and have,nt a clue what,s wrong as i fit so many of the criterea,s for mi.Brain transplants my only hope i think. ;)

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Thanks very much for your welcomes,i will be wondering round the boards getting to know you all,but i must say the site has allready made me laugh when feeling down,i like the sence of humour on here and who ever made the site,well done,for making me laugh.See you,s around the board,fa ;)

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