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What are the least sedative anti-psychotics (except for Abilify and Amisulpride)?

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So I used to take Abilify before, namely because it isn't sedating at all, and it didn't control my mania well, so my doctor decided to change it to Amisulpride instead - another anti-psychotic which is supposed to be not sedating. However, I sleep for about 13 hours a day with Amisulpride (and I'm taking a very low dose - 200 mg).


What are some anti-psychotics which are the least sedative, except for Abilify and Amisulpride? I'm tired of wasing so much of my time on sleep.

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I use trilafon (perphenazine) and it doesn't sedate me at all. But it's a typical ap and your doc might not want to prescribe it. It is dosed differently from Abilify and so I don't know how much you'd need (if it's even a good drug for you to be taking) and if you'd be drowsy at your correct dosage.


Good luck!

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