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I am so frustrated!

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I am so frustrated!!!!! and I need to vent, so here goes...

Today I had a meds review with the pdoc, I told him that I just wanted to know why I keep experiencing hallucinations, Paranoia, etc constantly and he told me that my symptoms don't really match bipolar - some of it does but not all. I asked what the diagnosis could be and all he said was it could be a chemical imbalance in the brain, well yeah I know, that's basically what a mental illness is. I do realise that the treatment is more important than an ironclad diagnosis but for my peace of mind I would like to know why I experience all these symptoms. If this was a physical illness they would be doing test after test to find out what was wrong but when it comes to mental illness it seems if they're not sure they just shrug their shoulders and say we don't really know what's wrong but here's some meds so off you go...

However, on a brighter note, I've been taken off that damn Seroquel (hallelujah!) and put on Risperidone instead. Have no idea how that will work out but it can't be any worse than Seroquel.

I apologise for the rant...

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Your pdoc might not be giving you a diagnosis right away because he might need to observe you more. 


Usually you have to have been symptomatic for X number of months before it can be diagnosed.  I am pretty sure in the DSM some of the criteria are ie, to have hallucinations for 6 months (or however long).  (That is just an example).


Correct me if I am wrong, but if you tell the pdoc you have been hearing voices, but it has been the first time you told him, it is hard to just put a diagnosis to it yet.

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