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I Like Being Alone, But I Hate Being Alone


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I've been on temporary disability since my hospital stay in Aug. I moved out of my verbally abusive boyfriends two months ago.

Now its just me, my two sons age 21 & 22 (who are up all night and sleep most of the day, in my LIVINGROOM!!) and I split time with my 12 year old daughter.


I have friends, sure! Facebook friends. Texting friends. These are the ones that are positive influences on me and make me

feel happy!

Then there are the NEEDY complaining friends. The two people that I cringe at when they call. I don't call back or make excuses to get off the phone with.


Next we have family. I've gone no contact with most of (This was due to my mental health as the adoptive mom is severely mentally ill and abusive) the adoptive family except one younger sister.

I'm in contact with the birth mom but after she came to a session with me at partial hospitalization, my counselor asked me why I even want to be in contact with her! She's verbally abusive and very rude.


The ex now feels remorse for his treatment of me and wants to make it up to me blah, blah, blah.


So my feelings are I'm lonely but given the choice of companions I like being alone.

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If stressed and tired, one needs to recharge.



Sometimes people recharge and relax in company, but sometimes that's best done alone.

Even if the right company would be enjoyable, it might well not be restorative.


For me recharging and recovering cis simply a necessity, and that definitely requires time alone.

That done, I can consider how much and what sort of company would be good, and not too draining.


People who do recharge by socialising don't tend to "get" this very easily.



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If I didn't become more painfully insane without people, I would never involve myself with them.

To the degree that you let them in, they devastate you, sooner or later. It's what they do.

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It sounds like you have a lot on your plate with the stay at hospital and 2 grown up children living at home, not to sound harsh, but could you establish some rules with them about not sleeping in your living room during the day?, i think it's a small price for them to pay to live rent free. They should be a bit more understanding that you need your space. If not,maybe they could move out?, i moved out at the age of 19 and would have hated to have been under my mothers feet at 22.


I think your doing quite well to even be communicating with people that you would perhaps not prefer to, but if it is really detrimental to your stability then i would suggest re-assesing whether or not you really need these people in your life.

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