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I'm open to correction, but catatonia, as I understand it, generally refers to lack of responsiveness for extended periods of time rather than just several minutes.


Slobster, I've noticed that you seem to be struggling with many of the varied aspects of BP at the moment.  I'd just like to remind you that all CB members can do with any degree of honesty is speak to you from their own experience and understanding, and not offer diagnoses.  I very much understand that it's frustrating that you can't see your pdoc as often as you'd like to/need to, but I'm concerned that you're over analysing and trying to put a label on every aspect of your current experiences.

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Ten minutes of zoning out in a waiting room does not a catatonic make.




Thanks for the link.


I think I had a catatonic episode during one of my manic episodes - this is why I'm overanalyizng things.

I lied in bed and was unable to move. When I managed to move, I got stuck in that position I moved to, and was unable to move again. I could hardly speak.

I went to brush my teeth, but got stuck in a posture with my hands held together, in front of the mirror. I stayed this way for about 5-6 hours.


I then proceeded to an excited state, when I ran around the house all the time, punched wals, repeated various phrases, and so on


Does this sound like catatonia?

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To rephrase in plainer language what I said above: this is a peer site for people living with mental illness.  None of us is here in the capacity of a healthcare professional.  It is unfair both to you and to us to expect us to try to diagnose you over the internet.

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