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Intermittent Tremor

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I seem to have developed an intermittent tremor. Is it a med side effect? Is it weird that it comes and goes? I seem to have good days and bad days. It's always there though. It makes it hard to do really fine motor stuff.


I've had it since before I started taking Abilify. I do have prn cogentin for sometimes when I get this inner restlessness/twitchiness/must-move feeling. I don't think I've noticed if it helps with the tremor. Might it? I think it's worse when I take the ritalin.


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Some people who take Abilify report a tremor. I am lucky and have no tremor from it (I also take Ritalin). If it is bothering you, bring it up to your pdoc. I don't know whether cogentin helps or not, but it is possible a beta blocker might help, but keep in mind that I'm no doctor and you need to talk to your doctor about this.

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Yes, I have tremors.  Propranolol really helps with those.

This. I have had a benign tremor my whole life, The biggest problems are when I have to do public speaking or videography. Propranolol works perfectly and very quick. 

Also check your blood sugar. Sometimes if I do not get enuf protein and carbs, I get a trifle hypoglycemic which plays havoc with my tremor.

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