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What to tell my boss about hospitalization?

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I've been feeling really bad lately. I've been super depressed, laying in bed all day, cutting myself all over. The last few days I've been seriously suicidal. I've decided that it's time to go to the hospital, but I don't know what to tell my boss. I work in a corporate retail setting, so this is pretty much the worst time of year to take time off. Has anyone dealt with this situation before? How did to you go about telling your work?

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I am very unwell right now. My doctor thinks I need to be treated in the hospital until my condition stabilizes. I know it's a terrible time of year for the schedule, and I need to get healthy.

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I left a message for my boss one night saying I had to get some medical tests done in the morning and didn't know if I'd be in that day. When I took myself to the hospital I naively thought I'd get put straight into IOP. I called after they told me they wanted to admit me. I told my boss that the tests indicated I needed care in the hospital. I would try to stay in touch about when doctors were thinking I'd be doing better enough to come back to work but right now no one knows.


I wasn't allowed to have a cellphone when I was IP. I did write down boss's number (among others) though I didn't call him while I was inside (I would've if I hadn't gotten out soon). I think I called him a about once a week during the month I was on leave (a combo of IP and IOP). I'd tell him I was doing better but needed more time - or the doctors were optimistic and thought maybe by x-date. When I was in IOP I told him I was getting outpatient treatment but not ready for work yet, I still needed too much monitoring.


They're not allowed to ask what's wrong. You have every right to say you don't want to share. I've decided when people express concern or ask what's wrong or what have you my response is "It's chronic but managed."


When I got back, my boss asked if I was doing better. I said I was, I'd had an adjustment to medication I take for a chronic condition and it was making a difference.


It's scary, but if you're in that place then your health has to come before your job. There will always be more jobs. There's only one Coffeecat.


Sorry it's long.

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