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While researching meds that I am on, I realized that I am at the upper end of the dosage for zyprexa. My research indicates that the therapeutic doze is between 5 and 20 mg. I am on 25 mg daily and I don't even suffer from a psychotic disorder. Any inputs on possible reasons for a higher dose if it is even a high dose to begin with.

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Zyprexa can be used for lots more than psychosis


Zyprexa has many uses, as said. It can help with depression when paired with an anti-depressant or mood stabilizer, or even on its own. It can help with anxiety.

I suppose they have you on that dose because it works for you. It might be lowered when you aren't in a crisis situation. Sometimes doctors put patients on high doses of meds to start out to squash the episode, and then lower them. They've done this with me. Definitely ask about it, and let us know what they say! Good luck. 

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