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Lamictal reduces Seroquel blood levels by 60%

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First of all, I don't know where to put this so please move if it is not in the appropriate place.


I was looking up information on the benefits of increasing my lamictal to help with my depression. I'm already on 200mg and was wondering if a higher dose would help.


Anyway, this is what I came across which freaked me out a lot


"One more disadvantage, if you're on quetiapine/Seroquel:  a recent study found a very significant decrease in quetiapine blood levels in people who were also on lamotrigine. 


For patients on both, quetiapine levels (for any given dose) were 60% lower than the levels of patients not on lamotrigine" 



Does anybody take this combination? If so were you ever told about the interaction. Has anybody even heard about this??


So while I take Seroquel XR 800mg  I am technically only taking 480mg


The mind boggles



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I take 500 of Lamictal. I think I started to feel better at about 300 mg. I have taken a seroquel/ lamictal fro years with 2 different Psychiatrists and neither ever did a blood level of Seroquel. Also 2 hospital pdoc's didn't either. He does a lamictal level though.

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Possible drug–drug interaction between quetiapine and lamotrigine – evidence from a Swedish TDM database

"Although our findings indicate a drug–drug interaction between lamotrigine and quetiapine, a causal relationship can only be formally confirmed in an experimental setting"


Taken from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3141197/


I have done a little more research and it appears that it is only a theory which has not yet been proven

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