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Does anyone twitch from Seroquel?

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Since I have taken Seroquel my large muscle groups twitch. Usually when I at rest laying in bed or sitting on my favorite oversized chair.

I have told my pdoc about it and he isn't concerned.

I went off Seroquel for awhile and they went away. I started back on it and back came the twitches.

Anyone else?

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Look up myoclonic jerks.  I have them anyway, but they definitely got much worse when I was on Amitriptyline.


I don't know what the component was in that med that affected them, but it's quite possible that the Seroquel is doing the same for you.


For what it's worth, if it is that, it's likely harmless and due mostly to the med.  It doesn't seem to lead to anything, it's just really annoying.

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Yep, my legs twitch but large areas of them, like my whole thigh will tense up for no apparent reason. It seems to happen most at night before I take my Seroquel. I don't know if it's wearing off or what...sometimes my whole body will jump a few inches off of the bed. Weird.

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I twitch mostly at night - myoclonic jerks. Annoying, but no biggie. I don't take a high dose of Seroquel yet (just at 200mg) but the depot injection (Piportil) I'm on is the culprit.


I like how you have a game. That's funny. Does thinking about it like that make the twitches stop? Sorta like when you have the hiccups and if you try to force yourself to hiccup again, you can't?

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