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I have ADD and have for many years.  I suffer from high anxiety and apparently depression, or so says my doctor.  I went to a shrink and he has given me Abilify 5mg, Kolonopin .5mg twice a day and ambien for sleep.  The Kolonopine worked great for about a week and helped with my anxiety, but since being on Abilify for the last month my sleeping habits are all screwed up.  I wake up 2 times a night like clock work.  I take it in the am.  I have yet to be able to concentrate at my high stressed job, which is the main reason I went back to a shrink, but he insists its depression.  I took Adderral 30mg twice a day many years ago and it worked great, but stopped taking it about 10 years ago. I need some insight on what would be good for my ADD, anxiety and sleep issues.  I do have mood swings and anger issues at times, but I feel its because of the stress and concentration blocks.  I am 43 yrs old and am trying to find the right mix.  I tried Prystic as well, but made me jittery as hell.  Wellbutrin did nothing.  I was thinking adding Adderall and seraquel to abilify and kolonpin, or is that too much?  Any help would be great

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