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Some people telling me im paranoid and my pdoc telling me im paranoid psychotic. I dont belive in them. Bechause im not hallucinating. But at this time it feels like im having a very bad life feelings. I almost can not relax and i have the need of talking with the people who care for me. (I live in a special need-home) all day long. I just want to do something but i also do not want to do a thing. I dosent like to be in crowds anymore. I getting often very sad and angry for almost nothing. I have now been without abilify for 3 1/2 weeks and of zoloft in 2 weeks, bechause of bad high cholesterol from the abilify and zoloft.

One question: My pdoc told me that there is 2 phases when i stop taking abilify. 1 phase is widtrawal effects that comes after ca 2 days. And the 2 phase is after 4-6 weeks, when i can be psychotic and axiety and more. Is this true?

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Yes, you can see a return in symptoms when you stop your meds.Are you going to be starting anything new?

Im not going to begin on other meds. I had no psychosis when i first begun on abilify in 2010. But the pdoc told me i was psychotic a little more than a month after stopping abilify in 2013. He then hospitalized me in mental hospital for being psychotic. I dont belive im autistic, even when im diagnosed with light-aspergers syndrome in 2008. I do not recorgnise my self in the aspergers symptoms. How could i be gone psychptic when i stopped abilify in 2013, when im not was psychotic in 2010 when started on abilify?

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Why are you in a special needs home if you are not aspergers syndrome or psychotic syndrome? I think you would need to be somewhere like that for a reason. They don't just do that for no reason.

If you are feeling very bad though you should listen to your dr and take his or her advice. They are there to help.

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