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I was watching tv and one of the character said something... I literally jumped and turned to the wall it seemed like the voice came from the wall and it yelled in my right ear... but the sound of the tv is to the left of me. Than it happened again a little later. A character talked and for some reason I jumped again and thought the voice was of someone I know and it was aimed at me.


I'm worried this could turn into something... it was REALLY scary...

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Do you have a history of psychosis? If so, this could be a warning sign that your meds need adjusting and if this keeps happening, it's time to alert your pdoc.


If you don't have a history of psychosis, I suggest keeping an eye on things and if things get worse, seeing your pdoc anyway and telling them what's been going on and if things get really bad, they may prescribe you an antipsychotic. Again, this is only if it turns into something.

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I hear things that "should" be coming from something that come from different directions or objects too! Weird. I was just thinking about this.

Like I'll look over and hear the sound coming from somewhere else and actually look long and hard at that somewhere else spot.

For instance, the TV or my cell phone song.

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