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Psychosis, when not treated, can get worse.


If you're being treated and on proper medications, they can actually help your brain repair itself. This is called neuroplasicity. (I murdered the spelling on that)



 the discovery that the human brain is changeable and modifiable not only in infancy, as scientists have long known, but well into old age.


With proper treatment, you will not lose all insight and judgement. You're also quite young, and the brain is in amazing thing. 

The prognosis is not as grim as you think!

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Thanks, San!


That's very interesting, I didn't know the brain could repair itself! I did read some articles about how psychosis damages the brain over time.


I'm prescribed meds, but can't take them consistently due to financial problems. Which is a big reason I need to win this disability. I can't work! Kind of impossible to work when you constantly feel like everyone is out to get you. I do act on these paranoid thoughts to so there's potential for violence to myself or others.

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No problem. There's a lot of BS about how antipsychotics "shrink the brain" (impossible) but if you search right, there are a lot of articles, many peer reviewed (they're the ones that you want) abut how the brain can recover.


I'm sorry about your med situation. Can you ask your doc for samples? Going on and off isn't very good for you.

I hope you get disability, and get the meds covered. Nobody should have to go without meds.

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Can psychosis get WORSE over time? Will I eventually lose all insight and judgement? I'm in my early 20's and became ill at 19.


Like said above, psychosis can get worse over time if unmedicated.  IME this has happened to me, but when I went on the correct cocktail (for me) things started to get a lot better.  Plus you're young, so it will probably be easier to bounce back and your brain will recover. 


But for me, the longer I waited to go on meds, the worse I got and everything became engrained.  I think if I had gotten help and on meds earlier, my brain would have bounced back a lot better.

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