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first off, I don't currently have a BP dx. I was dx'd with bipolar II at age 15, then at about 23 a new psych 'took it away' and said I didn't have it. Hell, whatever, I don't know. I do know out of 20+ meds the best one was Lamictal.

Anyway I've always fallen into vague hypomania never real mania, maybe the reason for dx confusion. Can stealing be a part of this? Since I was a little girl I've stolen - from friends, shoplifting. Been caught twice but when the urge strikes me, it feels so wonderfully delicious I HAVE to do it.

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Well, impulsive behavior can be part of hypo/manic behavior, but if you've been doing it since you were little-before you were diagnosed-then it might stem from something else, and you might be best off working on it in therapy. Do you have a therapist?

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That sounds frustrating to deal with. Like gearhead said, I like the working with a tdoc idea. I do know that we had one girl at a camp I worked with who was diagnosed with bipolar and kleptomania, and she always took shoes and hairbrushes. (She was especially partial to the shoes in my cabin.....) Even if you don't likely have kleptomania, researching it may give you some interesting ideas about dealing with urges. 


Stealing could certainly be a risk-taking behavior (not diagnosing).

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