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At what point should I stop taking these

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I've been on citalopram for about two and a bit weeks now, and I was told to expect a dip, but its lasting a lot longer than I thought. The suicidal ideation has lasted for over a week, which is worrying me. Off drugs, these episodes usually last a couple of days. It's been pretty consistently bad. Is it worth asking my GP to start tapering me off citalopram? I'm not going to do anything but its a shitty place to be in. I don't know if its better to wait out a full month and see if it lifts or whether its not worth it and to quit whilst I'm ahead. 

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ananke -


SSRI-class antidepressants can take three weeks to a month to show whether they are going to be effective.  It's a pain in the ass, but there it is.  If you cut the trial short, you'll never know if Citalopram would have worked for you in the long run.  I would not necessarily assume that the medication is the source of the suicidal ideation; the ideation is also a symptom of depression.  You say that "off drugs these episodes usually last a couple of days," which tells me that you get the ideation from the condition, not from the meds.  You also say that you aren't going to "do anything", by which I assume you mean you aren't going to act on your ideation.  If you believe you are safe and can hold out another week or so to determine whether the medication is going to bring you some relief at that point, I would recommend doing that.  If at any point, however, you feel that you may become a danger to yourself, seek help immediately.  Believe me, I know all too well how sucky that feeling can be.


I note from you sig that you're awaiting psychiatric referral - any idea how long before you'll be able to see a pdoc?  Your GP can only take you so far before you need a specialist.

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Cerberus, thats pretty much what I expect my GP to say. The waiting lists for my surgery are about a week long, so the earliest I could see someone would be about the same time I'm due for a checkup anyway. Absolutely the source of the ideation is the depression, but I've rarely felt this low with such little build up, which is why I suspect the citalopram. 


If the thoughts get any more extreme/realistic or carry on until next week I'll definitely get an emergency appointment. I'm due to see a pdoc in early January. It's actually earlier than I expected, I thought I'd be waiting at least until spring.

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