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I'm new. Hello!

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Well, I stumbled across these boards by accident. I was looking for some information on new medications that I am looking at starting. So, I may as well introduce myself.



I just got married  (august) to the man who has seen me through every.single.crazy moment since I started this journey. We've been together off and on for almost 7 years now. We have 4 year old twins together. (an accident which I attribute to certain meds I was on at the time.)


I work as an ED (emotional behavior disorder) special education teacher. I live/breath psychological disorders I guess one could say. My job is stressful...but for the  most part, i teach students how to deal with depression, mood disorders, anxiety.


I attend Therapy once every two weeks. My therapist is the first one I have been comfortable with. She is going on maternity leave next month.


My official diagnosis is GAD, bipolar II disorder, and borderline personality disorder.


My life is crazy.


Ask and ye shall have answers.



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