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Any way to get ipod music back?

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Erm, I erased the music off my ipod. NO CLUE how to restore it. I want my songs back! LAME! I am so dumb. I should not have messed with it at all. I synched and erased all music except for my current purchases that is only 550 songs. I had over 3,000! I am on a new computer. Why do they make it so easy to lose all your music?

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am i correct in understanding that you synced your iPod to a new library and lost the songs originally synced on your iPod that were stored on your old computer? i'm not an expert but i've had my share of dealing with iPod fiascos and unfortunately i think you might be screwed. if you had avoided syncing your iPod to the new library then there would be a way to retrieve the songs stored on your iPod but it doesn't work once you've lost them. however, if you purchased any of the old songs through iTunes then you will be able to get all of those ones back through your iTunes store account.


i'm assuming there's no way to access the library of music from your old computer to transfer to your new one?


maybe someone else more knowledgeable about these gadgets has a smart solution, though. 

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Thanks cosima for the reply. I think you are right in that I am screwed. Ugh. This is not my first ipod fiasco either I'm afraid!


You are correct with all you have said. I do no longer have the old laptop with all of my songs from CD's. I only have the songs stored from the icloud I'm assuming? Which is only 550 songs. Yeah...I just don't understand why they make it so easy and at the same time confusing! It's so easy to lose all your music with a misunderstanding. I know I'm incredibly stupid. So this is what I get. Ugh.


unless by some miracle my husband has my music stored on some external hardrive. That would be my only hope. I highly doubt that though.

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