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Tapering Lexapro...insane dreams.

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I have tapered off of Lexapro and am not currently on any meds. I was only on it for a couple weeks. I haven't really noticed withdrawals however my dreams are crazy and scary. Has anyone had a similar experience? 


In one dream...I was at a party and a huge plane crashed...there was blood and body parts everywhere...we checked it out and went back to partying. In another...there was a dead woman on the street and I stole her money and some other things. In another dream...I had picked something up from an empty apartment and it had the corpse of a child in it. The common theme in these dreams seems to be a total disregard for human life. I've never had such wild dreams. I think the Lexapro made me completely emotionless which is what I wanted but it seems to have carried over into my dreams. Thoughts??

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I can't speak for Lexapro but I have always noticed a connection between my meds and my dreams. Especially Effexor. I know you said that yours have started after coming off meds, mine usually happen when I'm on meds. When I went back on Effexor last time, within a couple of nights I was having insane dreams. Usually my dreams are incredibly vivid and involve me hurting other people emotionally and feeling nothing but at the same time I feel so much pain. There's been times also when I have woken up mid panic attack. I don't know why this happens, but I don't believe it is uncommon.

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I remember reading somewhere once that alot of AD's(some more than others) suppress REM sleep. Some even enhance REM sleep. REM is where the majority of dreaming occurs. It could just be some rebound. Theres a whole lot of theory on what and how important REM sleep is. Some say REM suppression is what makes AD's more efficacious. Some say it makes no difference.  Dreams are complicated. Its our minds way of dealing with and sorting out things and I think its one of those things that even the best experts dont have a real finger on. 

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